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JET Air Tools. Engineered for Overtime.

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The R12 Series is their top of line and the units are designed to go right up against top of the line IR, CP, Snap-On among others, R8 Series balances price-to-performance and the R6 Series is more of a value offering. This is common for other top manufacturers with 15 options in impact wrenches alone, offered in various drive sizes and across all 3 series. For tools like pneumatic angle grinders currently the only offerings are in R8 Series with 4”, 5” & 7” options, die grinders only in R12 and R6. Of course we would like to see R12, R8 & R6 options for all the tools but at least we have a better expectation how the tools should performance upfront.

Ranging from 3/8 inch to 1-1/2 inches, JET's Impact Wrenches feature a full line offering that can withstand rigorous applications in both the industrial and automotive environments.

Every JET® air tool reflects our commitment to delivering innovative tools that work as hard as you do. An impact wrench delivers thousands of blows and selecting the tool with the right hammer mechanism for your application is key to a more durable, longer lasting tool. JET’s Impact Wrench line offers several different impact technologies to best suit a wide range of applications.

Die Grinders are compact tools perfect for polishing, grinding and surface preparation in tight areas. Angle Grinders are available in three wheel sizes and provide plenty of power for repair, maintenance and surface work.

if you are looking to upgrade your compressor for shop or garage Jet has different options for you needs. Ranging from a 60 gallon 1ph all the way up to a 80 gallon 3ph to run all of your air tools.

From now until February 19 get 10% off all Jet air tools! Visit bisjettools.com for more info and to check out the full selection of Jet Air Tools!

Why You Need Air Filtration in Your Shop!

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You can install the top of the line dust collection unit in your shop and that still may not be enough to keep your lungs safe. Most dust collections system do a wonderful job capturing larger dust and wood debris, but the fine dust is where the issue lies.

Even if you've done everything you can to improve your dust collection system's filtration performance, don't be surprised to find that a coat of fine dust still settles on the surfaces in your shop. The fact is, much of the dust created in a woodshop never enters your dust collection system at all. In spite of your best efforts to set up an efficient, powerful dust collection system, some amount of the fine dust created by the tools it services will always escape into the air in your shop. Dust created by hand-held sanders, for example, is among the finest dust created in the shop and is extremely difficult to completely capture.

Over time, the fine dust problem multiplies. The fine dust particles missed by your dust collection system remain in your shop, ready to be stirred into a dust cloud by the slightest movement of air; you'll add to the problem every time you use your shop.

The answer is air filtration. An air filtration system picks up where your other dust collection efforts leave off by continuously scouring the air in your shop of tiny airborne dust particles. Like dust collectors, the performance of an air filtration system is measured by the volume of air the unit will move in cubic feet per minute (cfm). To be effective, an air filtration device should be rated to cycle through the entire volume of air in your shop 6 to 8 times per hour. The Jet AFS-1000B Air Filtration System, for example, has a maximum setting of 1000 cfm, which means that it will filter entire volume of air in a 20' X 20' shop more than 12 times per hour. Like many air filtration units, it has a built-in timer with settings for 2, 4 and 8 hours, making it a very convenient system to use – even includes a remote.

Beaver Industrial Supply is currently running a sale on Jet Air Filtration units, you can get the Jet AFS-1000B for $360! A small price for a huge safety upgrade to any shop.

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