892656, Jet EGH-21120, Elite 21x120 Large Spindle Bore Clutch Lathe W/ ACU-RITE 203 DRO, Taper Attachment, and Collet Closer


892656, Jet EGH-21120, Elite 21x120 Large Spindle Bore Clutch Lathe W/ ACU-RITE 203 DRO, Taper Attachment, and Collet Closer

When precision matters the most. The large spindle bore Elite lathes are the signature machines within the Elite lathe lineup. Engineered to meet world-class tolerances for spindle run out, bed alignment, and bed-way parallelism, these lathes take Precision, durability and safety, beyond what the market needs

Includes ACU-RITE 203 DRO, taper attachment 892254, and Collet Closer 892253


  • 3-1/8" Spindle Bore
  • Matrix® Disc Clutch permits the changing of gears without stopping the motor, reducing wear
  • Universal gearbox supports inch, metric, modular and diametral threads, without changing gears
  • Anti-Float design eliminates backlash in the cross slide
  • Steady rests feature ball bearing guides for smooth material movements
  • Fully lit with CNC style lighting, the enclosed full length splash guard is expertly designed to contain all chips and coolant
  • Class 7 precision taper roller bearings keep spindle run out to a maximum of 0.0004
  • Hardened and ground gears in headstock reduce vibration and deflection
  • Wider bedways absorb vibration
  • Turcite-B coating between bed and carriage provides friction free motion in all linear directions
  • One-Shot lubrication in the carriage reduces maintenance
  • Overload clutch at feed shaft prevents the carriage from crashing into the chuck
  • Shear pin in the lead screw disengages the feed when overloaded, preventing damage to the apron and headstock
  • Hardened and ground bedways provide accurate longitudinal movements
  • Front facing chip pan allows easy chip removal from the front of the machine
  • Certified Meehanite® castings retain their tolerances and remain rigid through many years of machining
  • For added safety, the EGH-21120 Lathe follows strict guidelines and electrical requirements to be certified by CSA Group
  • Standard Equipment
  • 12" 3-Jaw chuck
  • Backplate for 12" Chuck
  • Steady Rest-Ball Bearing
  • Follow Rest- Brass Tipped
  • 4-Way Tool Post
  • Chuck Guard
  • Micro-Carriage Stop
  • Threading Dial
  • Leveling Pads
  • Tool Box With Tools


  • Accessory   Taper Attachment
  • Accessory   Collet Closer
  • Accessory   ACU-RITE 203 DRO
  • Size   21 x 120
  • Swing Over Bed (In.)  21
  • Swing Over Cross Slide (In.)   14
  • Swing Through Gap (In.)   31-1/9
  • Length of Gap (In.)   9-5/6
  • Distance Between Centers (In.)   120
  • Spindle Bore (In.)   3-1/8
  • Spindle Mount   D1-8
  • Spindle Taper with Sleeve   MT-7
  • Number of Spindle Speeds   16
  • Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM)   20 - 1,600
  • Range of Longitudinal Feeds (IPR)   0.0015 - 0.04
  • Range of Cross Feeds (IPR)   0.00075 - 0.02
  • Number of Inch Threads   38
  • Range of Inch Threads (TPI)   2 - 72
  • Number of Metric Threads   40
  • Range of Metric Threads   0.4 - 14
  • Diametrial Pitch Threads Number   21
  • Diametrial Pitch Threads Range   8 - 44
  • Modular Pitch Threads Number   18
  • Modular Pitch Threads Range   0.3 - 3.5
  • Max Tool Size (In.)   1 x 1
  • Compound Slide Travel (In.)   5-2/5
  • Cross Slide Travel (In.)   10-2/3
  • Tailstock Spindle Travel (In.)   6-1/2
  • Taper in Tailstock Spindle   MT-5
  • Follow Rest Capacity (In.)   1/2 - 3-1/2
  • Steady Rest Capacity (In.)   3/8 - 7-3/4
  • Width of Bed (In.)   13-4/7
  • Motor (HP)   12-1/2 HP, 230/460V, 3Ph
  • Ampearge Draw @ 230V 3Ph   37
  • Amperage Draw @ 460V 3Ph   18
  • Prewired (V.)   230
  • Coolant Pump Motor   1/8 HP
  • Weight (Lbs.)   8157
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.)   182 x 44 x 68
  • Drive   Geared Head Clutch
  • Style (Type)   ELITE Geared Head Clutch

Red Assurance 2-year Warranty:

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