Jet 30+ Point Inspection - all large industrial mills & lathes are inspected

JET's 30+ Point Milling and Turning machine process falls under the JET Red Assurance guarantee program. This is the ultimate premium service and quality assurance program offered only by JET, which includes Operational and Visual inspection of every aspect of your machine. It will save many hours of cleaning and getting the machine prepped as it is already done in our Nashville, TN headquarters and no longer on your shop floor. Jet put it through a complete inspection, and a signed checklist is sent with every machine inspected which will be tracked by serial number and records kept in our Tech Service department.

  • Meets or exceeds all listed tolerances
  • Completely cleaned and shop ready
  • Electrical components and connections
  • Test Cuts on material
  • 30 Minutes of Operation

Please see our informative video which demonstrates each of the 30 points every machine runs through. If you need a little bit more information please check this overview in PDF